noria digital

Dedicated to digital transformation in financial services




From concept-stage thinking to launching new products

Noria Digital has a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to financial services. We deliver swift time-to-market solutions that improve the digital customer experience, cut costs, drive sales and provide an impressive ROE.

Our clients engage us to collaborate on digital transformation in financial services: From strategic positioning and early concept-stage thinking to getting new products, services and companies on the market.

Our beliefs & Values

The game-changer is digital transformation

Every month we see new technologies, regulation, competition and increasing customer expectations affecting the marketplace. 

Sixty years ago, the average lifetime of companies in the S&P 500 was 50 years. Today it is twelve years. As a result, more than half the companies on the S&P 500 are no longer there.

We believe the ones who succeed in leveraging IT are in a unique position. The cost of doing so has never been lower, and the time to market has never been faster. The speed of change and increasing risks of disruption are high, particularly given the digital maturity in our home market, the Nordics.


NOW ... is the time to act.

IDC research shows that 80% of revenue growth in five years will come from digital business. Organisations who push themselves outside their comfort zone and accelerate their digital journey today – are the ones who will transform their competitive advantage tomorrow.

Noria Digital has worked on digital projects for DNB, Pareto, Aera, Osprey, DNK, Apay and Loadsure. Much of this work represents cutting-edge digitalisation projects in the Nordics. We want to act as a trusted advisor with a long-term relationship strategy. Together, we can achieve great results.

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Entrepreneurial & collaborative

We are entrepreneurial and pride ourselves on smart collaboration. We have a sense of urgency and passion for delivering. That combines well with our teams' strong competence in financial services, our design methodology that drives creative leadership with cutting edge technology. It is central to who we are and what makes an essential difference for our clients.

 Innovation and collaboration with the 'best in breed' are at the heart of what we do. We champion an open culture that inspires trust, respect and responsibility. We invest in talent to ensure strong personal growth that is central to our vision to be a great company to work for and with.



Strong & diverse

We have put together a talented mix of experts from the banking, insurance and financial services. We aim to combine senior specialists in project management, data analytics, IT architecture, strategic design, UX design, graphic design, brand consulting and programming to one team. Our team is in Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Sydney, Berlin, Sandefjord and Ho Chi Minh City.

Our cross-functional team has grown considerably over the last months, but we're looking for more professionals, who love working with cutting edge digital transformation. If you would like to join a dynamic team with a clear vision of the future of digitalisation in financial services, we would love to talk with you.

The Group Dynamic

An ambitious start-up. Part of a larger group.

Noria Digital started at the end of 2017. Our objective was to bring together a strong senior team of specialists from IT, banking and designers – becoming an agile partner for our clients.

Noria Group has four decades of experience in IT for the financial services industry. We leverage our specialised software for financial services that provides a significant benefit and short cut to clients. The senior consulting specialists give us more strength and breadth for delivery on engagements. 

The new management board has been part of strengthening and growing the group since 2014. Noria has a triple AAA credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet. In 2015, 16, 2017 and 2018 we were awarded Gazelle status on the Norwegian market.